The Eco Himal Academy



The Eco Himal Academy

The Eco Himal Academy (formerly known as Children Education Scholarship Programme) is an ongoing programme since 2007, supported by Eco Himal Austria . The main objective of this Academy is to provide financial education support for socially marginalized and orphaned children from rural areas of Nepal. At present, 14 children from various regions, but particularly from eastern Nepal, are studying in diffrent schools. Few of them are studying in local schools in their villages, few are studying in Kathmandu and 5 are studying in Bhibhuti National Secondary School, Dallu, Kathmandu. EcoHimal regularly monitors the students. 

The majority of the supported children are full orphans, while a few have lost either their mother or father. All the children are from ultra-poor families and have no means of support.

To date, 10 children have passed the School Leaving Certificate examination (Class 10) and 7 students have passed in School Education Examination (SEE). Currently, all are pursuing higher studies.