Mandan Deupur Agro-Forest Resource Center



Mandan Deupur Agro-Forest Resource Center

“Enhancing the resilience of three vulnerable communities to climate change risks through promotion of more sustainable and profitable livelihoods”

The project was implemented in Mandan Deupur Municipality of Kavreplanchowk District for 3 years from 2019 to 20122 with the financial support of The Glacier Trust  UK.  The project involved the local government and target communities in a collaborative attempt to:

improve agricultural productivity, reduce land degradation and adapt to the impacts of climate change (e.g. variability, scarce water resources);

improve incomes through sustainable production and marketing of higher value crops, and provide younger generations with enhanced knowledge of the issues affecting their community;

Increase opportunities for gainful employment.

The Primary focus of the project was Environment / Climate Change and Secondary focus was Work Focused Skills.